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That was a long time ago. Even then Jesus Christ was not born. Two and a half to three thousand years. In ancient Greece there was a place called Athens. Athens is not some unfamiliar name, everyone has heard its name. There was a house in the middle of a forest in the village of Chhetta, which is surrounded by a hill in Athens. The house, however, had been empty for a long time. It is a secluded hilly region.


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The environment surrounded by forest on it. Abandoned. The house was not in a dilapidated condition even though there were no people. In other words, if he wanted to, he could easily live there if he cleaned it or arranged it a little. Does everyone really like to live in a hustle and bustle? Many people like to be alone in a secluded environment.


But surprisingly, the owner of the house could not rent the house to anyone for a long time despite thousands of attempts. In fact, the hut, located in a secluded forest on a hill, became notorious.


Once a peace-loving gentleman saw the factory and couldn't handle it. He chose the secluded cottage to spend a few days in peace. But the next morning it was found that the body of the lake was lying in the building of the factory. At first no one bothered about the matter. But some of those who saw his body were skeptical. Because


Even after his death, Lake had an unusual fear in his eyes. And the eyes came out pushing two. But, later, that means a few days later another soldier-type lake came into the house. Lake was incredibly brave to spend the night.

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That lake didn't die, but the night's experience from his mouth was horrible. As he was about to go to bed at night after eating, he suddenly saw a gray-haired old man with a huge face shackled in front of a sleeping soldier. What a kind of growl was coming out of his mouth. The soldier man did not die. But became unconscious. https://allsuspense.puzl.com/


As soon as he regained consciousness the next day, he left the factory and fled. Panic spread throughout the village after the soldier uttered all the words. Even during the day, no more brave lakes set foot in that house. 


As soon as the word was spread in the mouth of the lake, the house was called a haunted house. No one dares to step on the threshold of that house anymore. The man who was the owner of the factory rented the factory and ran his own family.


But from the moment the proverb spread like that, no one could have imagined renting the factory for a few days. As a result, the factory became known as 'Bhootkuthi'. Who can sacrifice his life? In the end, the owner of the factory wanted to sell the factory at the price of water. But who will buy? No one is willing to die at the hands of ghosts for pleasure.

Yet one agreed. The owner of the factory found a customer. Lake was a well-known philosopher in those days. Philosophers usually prefer to live in secluded places. He loves to judge or analyze everything with logic and argument.


He also heard about the slander of the factory. But the philosopher did not want to believe in a miracle in his mind. He thought he would get up when he got home. He wanted to blow up the irrational reforms of fear of ghosts in people.


He went to the owner of the factory and asked to buy the factory. The owner got heaven in his hands. The haunted house he had just rented was never rented or

Will not sell. So on hearing the proposal of the philosopher Bhadralake, Malik fell from the sky. Does this old man want to buy, not rent? He immediately sold the factory at a very low price and breathed a sigh of relief.


I have already said that a philosopher cannot live without liberation. Why would he believe in something that cannot be seen with the eyes, that cannot be touched with the hand, or that which cannot be perceived with the heart? | He took all his belongings and went to the newly bought house.

He arranged everything with his own hands throughout the day. He had to do everything with his own hands, because there were so many rumors about the haunted house in the house that he didn't get a servant even though he showed a lot of money.


However, after working all day, the philosopher Vlake became quite tired. I didn't even want a meal. He finished his dinner with a little bread, meat and coffee. Then Shulen went to his sixth bed. Near the head was a huge old-fashioned kind of window. He also left it open. Hot days The wind was blowing in the evening. The body was also very tired. As soon as the lights went out, Shabar fell asleep.


Who knows how long he was asleep! Suddenly a strange sound and discomfort disturbed his sleep. When a person who is in a deep sleep suddenly wakes up, it takes a little time to recover. Even the philosophical gentleman took a little time to understand where he was and how he was. Then all his things came to mind one by one. He remembered that he had come to a new house.

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And this is his first night in this new house. He raised his ears and tried to understand the strange sound and discomfort. After lying in bed for two or three minutes, he realized that the sound was like the clang of a shackle.

But not very clear. Someone is pulling the shackles from a great distance. Slowly the eyes met. Frozen darkness spread throughout the room. Only the sky can be seen through the window near the head. Of course, at that time the sky could not be recognized separately. The color of the sky 

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The color of the room became one. The philosophical gentleman, however, did not get out of bed in a hurry. What did he want to notice? One more thing he felt. The air in all the rooms seems to have stopped. A suffocating gumate atmosphere has been created.

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When a long time had passed like this, and when the frozen darkness was slowly subsiding, he suddenly discovered that a light shadow idol of an incorporeal being chained hand and foot was slowly floating. Shaking his hand, the shadow is trying to say something. The two eyes of the idol and the glow of burning fire are coming out from the mouth of the idol.


The philosopher Bhadralake was very brave. He had no such belief or reform in anything ghostly. Yet, though not afraid, a strange surprise came to him Kept obsessed for a while.


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